Visualizer for Intervals and BoxES

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Cite VIBes paper Drevelle, V., and Nicola, J. (2014). VIBes: A Visualizer for Intervals and Boxes. Mathematics in Computer Science, 8(3-4), 563-572.


Visualizer for Intervals and Boxes

VIBes is a visualization system that aims at providing people working with interval methods a way to display results (boxes, pavings), without worrying with GUI programming. It provides drawing functions accessible from a lot of programming languages, without complex installation and library dependencies. The main design goal of VIBes is to be cross-platform, available from different programming languages, simple to set-up, easy to port to a new language.

VIBes consists in two parts:

The use of a separate viewer application enables an easy set-up on every system. First, pre-built binaries of the VIBes viewer are provided for Windows and MacOS X. Linux binaries will be provided soon, but the viewer can easily be built from sources. Then, the API consists only of a few files that have to be included in your program.

API documentation

Documentation of the C++ API.

Documentation of the Python API.